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Hi Julia!
   I just wanted to share a picture of Gemma & Brynn! This is pure happiness for me! Thank you for making this dream of mine come true. To see our daughter this happy is overwhelming. You and your family will always be in our hearts and prayers and we can't thank you enough for the opportunity to be Gemma's forever home.
     She is adjusting well. She is getting the grasp on where to go potty. She's a healthy eater! She loves lounging in the grass (ours and our neighbors)! In fact, she seems to enjoy lying in our neighbors' lawns over exploring the neighborhood on a walk! She's an excellent nighttime sleeper!
      She has brought comfort even to strangers here in Vegas. We had to take her out of the house for a little while last week so we brought her with us to the Vegas memorial that was set up after the shooting (we hadn't been there yet). There was a young woman there who had been there that night and looked like she may have lost a friend. Gemma just bounded up to her and loved on her, almost instinctively. This woman said how great dogs were, that they just know how and when to make people feel better. I think she helped this woman and all the others who were there. She was a friend to all! 🐶💕

Hope you all are doing well!

Julie Casey
Las Vegas, NV
(Miranda/Dew 9/3/2017)

Hi Julia.

Jeff and I wanted to thank you and your family for raising such fabulous puppies. We enjoyed our visits with you and your family in Pinon Hills to see the puppies and are glad that we have been keeping in touch even after bringing our puppy home. "Charlie" has been doing very well ever since the first day we brought him home!

He has a very calm temperament and has easily made the transition from being with his littermates to joining our family. Thank you very much for giving us the towel with his mother's scent and his favorite toy to take home with us. They are still his favorite things and I'm sure they have made the transition to our home much easier for him. Charlie is very loving, friendly and SMART! House-breaking the puppy has gone very well. Even Jeff was surprised at how quickly Charlie learned to "go potty" in the designated area! He also learned how to "sit" very quickly and "waits" for his food during feeding time. We love how he follows us everywhere and sleeps right beside us while we are watching TV in the living room.

I was initially uncertain about having a puppy in the house - Jeff was the one who really wanted a puppy for a while - but now, I'm not sure how my life would be without Charlie! I actually think that the fact that your adorable kids helped raise the puppies have helped Charlie become very sociable and kid-friendly. He is very happy to meet our friends and interacted well with my little niece and nephew. We can tell that you and your family spent a lot of time socializing him. If you ever happen to be near our area, please try to stop by and see Charlie - and we really mean this! I'm sure he misses you guys and we had a great time interacting with your family as well! I will continuously try to keep you updated on Charlie's progress via Facebook!

Again, thank you very much for a great addition to our family!
Cathy and Jeff Murai
Alhambra, California



Thanks again for our sweet puppy, Charlie! (Bree/Chase: 3/19/14)
We enjoyed celebrating his birthday this past weekend- complete with a bubble bath, brushing of the teeth, and a long walk where we ended at a pet store and he got to choose a treat of his choice! We've enjoyed yet another year where he's brought us SO MUCH JOY. We feel we lucked out with the best companion there ever was. Thank you so much for breeding such a wonderful line of Labrador Retrievers. We love Charlie with all of our hearts!
Tim & Erica Steveson


Hi Julia,
I know I am well overdue in sending an update on our little boy, Wiley! I can't believe it's been 2 1/2 months since we first picked him up, but time flies when you are so in love!
I could not imagine my life without little Wiley. He is the sweetest, smartest, funniest and most snuggly puppy on the planet. I work from home, so he and I literally spend every minute of our time together, and I wouldn't have it any other way! As a result, Wiley knows all of my secrets, so I told him I'm in serious trouble when he learns how to talk :)
We could not be happier with our little Wy. He is a potty training champion! We meet with a trainer once a week and even the trainer said Wiley is one of the smartest puppies he's ever worked with, not to mention cutest! Every time we're out in public, someone stops me and says, "He looks like he should be in a commercial!" He is just so perfect, inside and out. 
I cannot thank you enough for bringing such a wonderful puppy into our lives. Wiley is my best friend and constant companion. And he's a total momma's boy! He needs kisses all day long, and I am happy to provide them.
I tell everyone who asks where we got him about Summerland and sing your praises. I've attached a few photos of Wiley from the last 2 1/2 months. I hope you enjoy them! 
Thank you again!
Kelly, Julio and Wiley



Just wanted to share our latest Christmas card with our Boys Luke (Yellow Lab Age 6) and Maverick (Black Lab Age 1). They are simply the best dogs that we could ever have hoped for. Luke is the protector of our home, and Maverick is our "Lover Boy."

We are so thankful that we found Summerland Labradors. Hope you enjoy this latest photo of the boys.


David & Brenda Cuevas


Hi Julia!

Hope all is well with you!  Just wanted to send a few pics of the puppy. Our son decided that out of the name choices available our puppy would be named Vader. 
He is doing great and we love having him!!!  I also wanted to thank you and comment on the spectacular job you guys did socializing him over those first weeks!  I've never had a puppy as well socialized as Vader is. He loves to be with people and has been fest with other dogs and different animals!  
E.J. Bukont
(Phoebe/Tony Litter DOB 05/08/2016)


Darcy is doing great. He's smart little guy who learns very quickly. He already sits and shakes on command and has done very well with his crate training. We have the occasional accident in the house but not too often. He passed his vet check with flying colors and was the delight of everyone in our vets office. Everyone wanted to hold him and I didn't think we would ever get out of there. He and our other dog are getting along. He likes to pester her and bite her in the face so we're working on teaching him to giver her some space. We had him microchipped and the last time we weighed him, about a week ago, he was over 15 pounds. He's really a joy to have.

Thanks, Mary Buxton
San Deigo, California




Hi Julia

I just wanted to thank you so much for letting us get Luke from you, what a great puppy... He is very smart and social, he loves to take walks down to the lake and also golf cart rides.. He is growing so fast, his transition in our home was super easy and I am sure it was because of all the attention he got from your family. He loves to play fetch and will come back and give you the toy then sit and wait for his treat. From the first night we put him in his crate for bed we never here anything out of him until about 4:30 am when he is wide a wake and ready for some more attention... (thank goodness we wake up at that time anyway) I will keep you posted on how he is doing! But just wanted to thank you we are so in love with this little guy.

Dave and Tammy McKenzie
Canyon Lake, California



Hi Julia,

Everyday I say that I am going to sit down and write to update you, and everyday just keeps getting away from me. I honestly have no idea how you kept up with soooooo many pups at once. We have had him just over two weeks and I have not gotten a stitch of work done. Thank goodness I have my own business and work for myself or I would have had to fire me! I just figured to heck with it, he is only going to be little once and I want to take advantage of this time and enjoy it and use it to train him as much as possible. I know it will pay off in the end.

Before I start bragging and carrying on about him, I would just like to preface it with.....BAXTER IS PRECIOUS AND WE ARE ALL MADLY IN LOVE WITH HIM!

He has settled in so well from the very beginning. He was soooo good in the kennel. We never had any whining or anything. Housebreaking is going very well. His record for no accidents in the house so far is two whole days and he goes to the door when he has to go now. He absolutely seems to understand what "Potty" means and what he is suppose to do. I took him to the vet right away after he came home and the vet said he was absolutely perfect (I already knew that)! He had a fecal exam done , it was of course negative. A week later at nine weeks he had his vaccines and the Dr. wants him to have another in three weeks. I found the trainer that I had used for my other dogs. I had started with him almost 15 years ago (he had since moved to LA). Anyway, he still comes out this way for a few clients so he agreed to work with us again.

I am so happy about that because I already know and use his basic methods, I just need some brushing up and re-training. He started last week and he has progressed so well already.....I have progressed too, I had forgotten more than I like to admit. The only thing that I am questioning is if I am feeding him too much??? He was ten weeks yesterday and weighs exactly 16 pounds. He is still just strictly on the Natures Domain. I didn't want to change too much of anything at the beginning. I am feeding him one cup of food, three times a day (at six hour intervals). He looks great to me, but of course acts like he could eat double what I am feeding him. I am trying really hard not to look into those big brown eyes and give in and give him more! The doctor had a formula but thought that you would be more of an expert in that area than he would since you raise them so he wants me to check with you just to be sure. I would appreciate your thoughts on this and how I will know when and how much to increase.

I am sending you some pictures of him I took at nine weeks. I hope they come thru to you OK. I even set up a little Thanksgiving photo shoot for him.....My kids think I am over the top, but I don't care, he is too cute to not be over the top! Anyway, he is just a joy, we are sooooooo happy with him. We want to thank you over and over again!

Talk to you soon!
Karen Scruggs
Yorba Linda, California


Dear Julia,

It has been quite a while, however I wanted to send you an update on Remi. She is the most wonderful dog and we are so happy to have her be a member of our family. Most puppies are cute; she was adorable!

I believe that you judge a dog by the finished product and I have to say that Remi is such a handsome dog and so sweet. It is such a pleasure to have a dog that comes when you call her. Jerry was thrilled when he took her hunting for the first time and she was a natural. With little hunting training, her bred-in hunting instincts were very evident. She is so obedient and such a pleasure that he has been able to take her to work with him. All his co-workers beg for him to bring her in again. Jason and Heather adore her and she takes turns sleeping with them. She potty trained extremely easily and learned every command we have taught her with enthusiasm. She is so healthy. She loves to retrieve balls and now that she is old enough she has been running with me on trails. She is so great at sensing when she needs to be protective and when she needs to be friendly. I can't tell you how much we appreciate the care you have placed in your breeding practices to make such a special dog. We are all in love with her!

Becky Holden
Ramona, California


Dear Julia,

We've had Kona for about three months now and are thoroughly enjoying being puppy parents. Thank you for all the support and advice you've given us- from the puppy picking process all the way to your helpful comments on Facebook these days! He has certainly grown from the little puppy we once knew to our big boy who we can no longer carry. He constantly impresses us with how fast he picks up on things (sometimes too fast!). Kona is an extremely social dog. He loves people, no doubt from all the love and attention he received from you and your family those early weeks, and is learning quickly to play well with other dogs. We've brought him to the dog park, the dog beach, and hiking trails. He is excellent at staying around us when he is off leash. Thank you for raising such a wonderful dog. We hope that one day Kona can have a little sister from a future litter!

Donn and Erin Halla
La Cresenta, California



Hi Julia,

Just wanted to say hello and share some photos of Tiki... jumping in the pool is her FAVORITE thing to do! Next week she will be eight months old... still haven't spayed her yet (on advice from the vet). Time has flown by. We sure love Tiki's great personality. She is very social and loves to play hide and seek and thinking games. She and our two year old granddaughter are inseparable! Please let us know if you hear anything about Tiki's siblings... all our best to your family!

Andrea Aldrich
El Dorado Hills, California



Hi Julia,

It's been two weeks and I just wanted to let you know that Delta is doing very well. She is super smart, well mannered, playful, and obedient. She has done real well in her crate and I believe her to be completely potty trained before two weeks. We have a doggy door and Leslie and I introduced it to her after the first week. Now she goes out on her own for several days now.

She has had an exam by a vet and all was well. We are feeding her the Taste of the Wild w/salmon and she eats very well.

Thank you so much for our wonderful puppy, and know she is appreciated and loved to pieces. I've attached a picture and will stay in touch.

Gary Sanders
Anaheim, California




Cannon is an amazing dog.

We thank you every single day for the opportunity to buy him from you. He is truly a hoot and a half, he makes us laugh everyday. He's going to be taking his first vacation with us next week for ten days to go dirt bike riding and we are very excited to take him with us. We are just truly blessed to have him. We have had countless people ask us where we purchased him from and have asked us for your number.

Thank you,
McKenney Family
Rancho Cucamonga, California



Dear Julia,

Attached are some photos of Luna. She's doing great! The star of puppy class, if I do say so. She has adjusted really well to being with us - right from the start she did well in her crate, slept well through the night, was friendly with kids, people and other dogs. We couldn't be happier with her.

Thank you so much.
Michele Weiss
Los Angeles, California



Hi Julia!
It has been almost four weeks since we picked up Romeo and we just can't express in words how thankful we are to you and your family for him!!! We couldn't even dream about such a great puppy!!! Seriously! We prepared for all kinds of problems, but he just doesn't cause any! He is so smart, playful, friendly and cute! He makes us laugh million times a day, every day! The housebreaking was super easy: he figured out where he needs to go potty on the second day we had him. He goes to sleep in his crate on his own and never cries or barks. We are planning to enroll him in the puppy classes later, but have no idea what new things he will learn there since he already knows how to sit, stay, watch us, lay down, give five, roll and wave bye-bye, and he does all these tricks perfect! So I guess we will enroll him just to socialize him a bit more. He is so friendly with everyone he meets and he isn't afraid of anything or anyone! Romeo has become a part of our family and our best friend thanks to the love and care your family was giving him since his birth!
Thank you so much!!!

All the best wishes to you and your family!
Anna and Guy
San Deigo, California



Hello Julia,

Just want to say hi and show you another picture of Romeo! He is a big boy now, almost six months, and the biggest joy of our life of course! Every person that meets him can say only one thing: "he is the cutest thing ever"! He is also the smartest dog ever and the best behaved dog ever! :)

Sometimes I really believe that he understands every single word we say... His favorite activities are enjoying the dog beach, sleeping next to us on the sofa while we watch TV and chewing bones of course! He also has a favorite movie - "Earth" by Disney Nature, he would watch it the whole one and a half hours without even blinking, that's how focused he is! :)

Thank you so much and the best wishes to all your family,

Anna and Guy
San Deigo, California




An update regarding Lucy ... simply ... just perfect! She eats well, handles the family noise levels along with our four family guests over Thanksgiving. She has settled in well, sleeps in her kennel at night without a peep until 7:00 a.m. (except for the first night, but we ignored her and she stopped after 20 minutes, then awoke every two hours barking). She also takes her many naps directly under my office chair when I am on the phone and working on the computer (I have a home office).

Thank you for a wonderful puppy - she goes to the bathroom on command now - we open the door and use the word POTTY and she bolts for the backyard - she still has some piddle accidents - but overall - she is adjusting well, so are we!

Tom and Cris Annarella
Irvine, California

(same puppy, a little older below)



Hope all is well - attached is a photo of our Lucy - she is a TREMENDOUS DOG, a true testament to your breeding and lineage.

She was easy to potty train, mild mannered and very attentive - sweet dog and we love her dearly. Attached is a six month picture of Lucy in our backyard - after the rains, she needed to be outside for a bit.

We are contacting you regarding the information about your vet to spay Lucy - can we take you up on that offer and make arrangements to bring her to your vet? With your referral and contact information, we would like to have her spayed this week. Let us know, thanks.

Tom and Cris Annarella
Irvine, California